We are a group of local citizens seeking equity in balancing the needs of the Swampscott residents and the need for affordable housing. We are a grass roots group advocating for affordable housing development that is responsive to the needs of all Swampscott residents and appropriate in size, scale, scope, density, location and context within the community. We seek to fairness for all.

The Swampscott Equity Association was launched on January 26, 2021 after local builder and developer Bruce Paradise and his partner WinnDevelopment, part of the $2.5B WinnCompanies, submitted a permit application to the Massachusetts Housing and Community Development department to develop a 5-story, 128-unit, a capacity of 370 residents on a 1.6 acre site with 108 parking spaces at Elm Place under Chapter 40B. As proposed the 60-foot high complex on Essex Street, Pitman Road and Elm Place, towers over the neighborhood of 1-, 2- and 3-story mostly single-family homes and would provide about half the parking zoning bylaws normally require. It could add as many as an additional 120 students to Swampscott Public Schools and an estimated $1.5M – 2M to the annual school budget, in addition to increased expenditures for pension contributions, health insurance and special education costs. As Swampscott is the 3rd most densely-populated town of 312 in Massachusetts, the proposed residential complex, which will abut the rail line, is feared it could impact traffic, parking, demands for water and sewer including Stacy Brook, pose risks for public safety, diminish open space, generate shadow fall, and increase noise along the rail corridor.